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Riva del Garda - History

There have been some findings from the period before the Romans, but it is not certain how the town was at that time. Digs that were carried out near the village of Campi have brought to light a fortified village from the Roman age. With the fall of the Roman Empire Riva del Garda came under the control of different populations, amongst which the Goths, Longobards, Franks, Scaligeri, Visconti and Venetians. In the early 1500s the Venetians built the Bastion, which was necessary to have a full view of all Lake Garda. If you follow the old road that skirts Lake Garda, near the Trat crossing, you can still see the ruins of the castle built by the people of Riva in the medieval age to control traffic. The battle between the Venetians and the Visconti took place here.

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